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Strive is a full-service digital agency, composed of quick-witted, open-minded storytellers who thrive on the opportunity to contribute their creativity to each project. We seek diversity in our project teams and employees by listening to each and every voice at the table. We are a small agency, and we prefer it that way. It allows us to react faster to marketplace changes, and we do so with the client’s budget in mind. Since we do everything in-house, you can believe we are just as comfortable behind our desks crafting your new brand identity, as we are behind the lens shooting quality, compelling footage for your next commercial.

Our passion is to tell good stories; stories that invoke emotion and action, stories that people want to hear. We flourish on the opportunity to share an experience with the individual, to give them the right amount of information to be able to interpret what comes next. We aim to make that connection… a connection that will last.


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23510 Woodward Ave
Plymouth, Mi
Ferndale, MI US

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