At a Glance

Softarex Technologies, Inc. is an international software development company with an office in the United States and R&D center in Belarus and Kharkiv.

Our focuses include:
– Software Outsourcing
– Reengineering and Refactoring
– Embedded Systems Development
– Hardware Design and Firmware Development
– Clouds and SaaS Development
– Software Quality Assurance

Our software development and research efforts are supported by a great combination of managers, engineers, consultants, and other top-ranked specialists with various backgrounds led by a highly skilled and dedicated executive team. Our research and development centers are located in Minsk, Belarus, and Kharkiv, Ukraine. This Eastern Europe country is famous for highly-skilled engineers and talented scientists.

Softarex never projects us as a one company offering everything. Instead, our focus is on offering only those services wherein we are sure that whatever we bring to the table would either compete with the best or overtake them. Please check www.softarex.com for more information.


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901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 170
Alexandria, VA US
+1 703 836-18-60

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