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World Packaging Company, Inc. has been a leading beverage filler product, parts, engineering, and technical service provider for the carbonated soft drink, beer, water, juice, energy drink, wine, and noncarbonated beverage industries since 1991. Founded by former employees of Geo. Meyer Co. Milwaukee we have over forty-five years of combined experience in the beverage market. World Packaging continues its international success in the beverage filling machinery industry through its competitive pricing, excellent customer service, depth of experience and knowledge, and its constant drive to innovate.
New Fillers | Upgraded Remanufactured Fillers | Upgrades and Technology for Existing Fillers | US-Made Replacement Parts | Installation of Machines and Upgrades | 24/7 Worldwide Service | On-Site Training, Audits, and Service
For More Information Visit Website-http://www.worldmfg.com/


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131 Slate Stone Drive
Summerville, SC US

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