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We are the leading division 10 suppliers and contractors providing Quality Materials and Expert Installation Services.
10-SPEC are the award winning bathroom partitions supplier. We deliver and install commercial restroom partitions in different states of USA.

10-Spec is the leader in division 10 projects with over 45 years of experience. ?A workforce of talented & experienced project managers is critical to any projects success. Having a knowledgeable sub-contracting partner can make all the difference... for both you and your client. 10-Spec has a strong track record in the division 10 specialties field. It has consistently been demonstrated that our talent and determination have earned us a high level of prominence in New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania (Tri-State) area.


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4000 Bordentown Avenue- Suite 11
Sayreville, NJ US
(732) 992-4899

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