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Expansive soil such as clay can look harmless at first glance, yet due to its expansive nature, it can begin to damage the walls around your home's foundation. Walls can be damaged by soil to such an extent that they could need a whole replacement, so we at Smart Foundation Systems always recommend to keep a close eye at your home's foundation. We recommend getting wall bracing for your foundation walls so that you can avoid an expensive problem in the future. Our team at Smart Foundation Systems is comprised of professional engineers who utilize only the most efficient techniques and excellent quality materials to work on your home, and we can assure our wall bracing solutions are nothing other than the best.

We offer four different wall bracing solutions, which depending on your needs and preferences could suit your home’s foundation walls the best. We offer a very effective steel soil plate & dead-men anchor plates, carbon fiber wall-lock system, XL steel beam bracing and standard steel bream bracing. Your home’s foundation is what holds your whole home integrity, so it must be given a priority when it already shows signs of damage. If you see cracks around the walls then make sure to give us a call at (816) 666-8415 and we will start to assist you immediately!

You can always read more about the wall bracing solutions we offer, and also about our company by visiting us at our website.


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