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We don’t just talk big, we are big, and now we are pumped to say that we have set up shop in one of the greatest sports cities in the US – Chicago! We have worked with famous athletes and massive sports brands since our opening, and now, being in the city that gave us the Chicago Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, the Cubs and the White Sox, what’s not to get hyped up and excited about? Just like The United Center, we don’t just host one event. We take sports advertising to the next level and give our clients the full package. Our morals and ideals when working towards your vision aren’t fashioned from something brittle like wood, but instead fashioned from solid concrete. The concrete is cruel on our bodies and doesn’t take mercy on us – neither does the sports industry. But, we have the experience to take you to the next level and make all of your hard work worth it. We live and breathe the game. We don’t just spew out high-end sports ads for the fun of it! We do it because we are experts in and love the sports and advertising industry. We know it like an aspiring athlete knows the streets they played and dreamed in. We can be your power hitter, not even afraid to put in the extra hours to get you a scoring position.


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