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Full Stack Professional Web And Mobile Development since 2010

IntelligentBee was founded in 2010 from the need of delivering reliable services to companies in need of quick scaling knowledge and execution capabilities. We successfully completed 30 big projects and we like to focus on building really stable Web and Mobile Apps. We continue to be there for our customers long after we build their apps. We treat every app we build as our own and we feel responsible for its success.

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The company’s clients include industry giants like Sendgrid, as well as many other Fortune 500 corporations and innovative start-ups.

IntelligentBee has been investing in bringing experts in the newest technologies for online and also creating documented workflows and processes that would allow our team both to tackle projects in a organized and professional manner and adapt quickly to the technological changes and apply it on the products we are building for our clients.

We combine the speed of delivery needed when there are quick time-to-market demands from our customers with proven experience and quick turnaround. Building engineering and technical support teams is hard. Inoculating every team member with the right culture and with the focus they need on the product even from the day one is even harder. After you have a team, you need to maintain it so they can keep focusing on the product and business value. We take off the burden of building engineering and technical support teams, maintaining them and retain them so our clients can focus more on how to make their app deliver more value for their customers.

We already have a deep understanding of how to take one app from MVP and scale it through. We think we can help online businesses speed up the scaling process once they reach product market fit and they feel a constant pressure from stakeholders to deliver the results which cannot be achieved unless the product is scaled, moved to the next step.

Key clients: Sendgrid, Music Training Center, Happy Monkey, StudyEnjoy, Pellio, eDataSource, Pricedefy.fr, O.M.I., FrancePrix


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