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We’re a fun group of young designers and young-at-heart email geeks. The three founders of CodeCrew grew tired of working for large media agencies that only served the rich and powerful of the business world and decided to build a company that, with the right business model, would be able to provide the same world-class level of quality to smaller businesses at a price that isn’t astronomical.
With years of experience working with the hottest startups, the largest companies in the world, and everything in-between, we realized that everything we’ve tested, implemented, and learned from these giants of industry could be applied to companies with a positive mission rather than just those with the deepest pockets. Tired of making the rich richer and helping the biggest companies take even more market share away from exciting, lively, and passionate companies that are moving the world forward, we decided to cut loose from the world of conglomerates and really make a difference.


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