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We are 789, an award-winning and versatile creative firm based in Southern California. Our team develops comprehensive brand, marketing, and outreach campaigns to help clients communicate the essence of their organization through proven strategies and unique and visually innovative ideas – from the name of a project to a full-scale promotional campaign … and every touch point in between. 789 excels at finding the optimal and budget conscious strategies and designing unique, engaging and often surprising in-person experiences. With each client we strive to create moments that move people on an emotional level, that function flawlessly and leverage the clients’ brand effectively.

We believe in the importance of standing out in a crowd. The reason: now more than ever before, people are faced with having too many choices. If a project, organization, or brand is going to have its best chance for success, people need to be given a reason why to pick “this” over “that”. Too often, businesses simply employ cookie-cutter solutions for their communication challenges, thinking what’s worked for others should work for them. But great consideration should be taken as it pertains to how you are perceived. The more generic a brand becomes, the more we disable our consumers’ ability to stand apart from the next guy. And being different just for the sake of it isn’t compelling either; it just creates more noise.


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