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The Chalet is a television series made by Alexis Lecaye and Camille Bordes-Resnais in France. The Chalet tells two stories happened in two different periods. The Chalet Lanyards No Minimum is used by all members of The Chalet. They have to wear it around the neck and attach a work card. The Chalet Lanyards No Minimum is manufactured with black polyester fabric material featuring with the cheapest price and simple appearance. The narrow wide as 0.5 inches cannot cause uncomfortable for wear. The customize lanyards made by polyester is soft and durable. Words ???THE CHALET??? has been attached to the black background through the silkscreen printing process. Both sides of the good lanyards have printed lots of ???THE CHALET??? that can maximize the popularity of the television series. Black lanyards are the first choice for staff worked with complex and dirty environments. Notice the metal attachment on The Chalet Lanyards No Minimum, which is a key ring tool. Your objects can put on it. The key ring can hold many items, and it is a good tool to hang keys. Designing good lanyards is a popular way to make promotion for many companies and organizations. GS-JJ can give you a special shopping experience if you need to design custom lanyards no minimum order. Custom Lanyards Size: 0.5″*34″ Material: Polyester Fabric Style: Polyester Lanyards Printing Process: Silkscreen Printing Attachment: Metal key ring Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag


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