At a Glance

Who are we?
We are a software development team from the Eastern Europe (Ukraine).

What do we make?
We make mobile apps and websites from the idea to deployment and support.
We provide development, design, marketing.

We use:
NodeJS, PHP, Python, Go, Java
MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
AngularJS, ReactJS, React-Native, Ionic, Meteor, GraphQL

We have developed:
? Huge project for Canadian hockey league that includes 9000+ users
? One of the biggest delivery application with $430000 cargo
?Medical platform that includes 12 hospitals

We have knowledge in delivery, property, healthcare, social networks, and financial apps.

Our team is friendly, creative and responsible, so don’t be shy to contact us.
Thank you.


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Sobornii Av. 166, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
Zaporizhzhya, UA

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