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We offer a wide range of Window Tinting in Cape Town for Businesses and Homes, including: Frost, Sandblast, Sparkle, Static Cling, Shiny, Opaque, Matt, Black-out, White-out, Neutral, Window Tinting, Textured, Reflective (One Way, Mirror, Silver, Metal, Bronze, Titanium, Sputtered and more), Etched Glass, Cut Glass, Translucent, Coloured, Stained / Lead Glass, Smash and Grab / Clear and Tinted Safety, Patterns, Vinyl, Polyester, UV Heat Glare Solar, Rear Projection, Smart Film, Electric Film, PDLC and more
Solar Control – Minimise the harmful impact of UV radiation on your health as well as its weathering effect on your vehicle's interior.
selection of home and office window tinting products allows you to secure your windows in an attractive manner.


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