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Netwise is a Tokyo-based full-service digital creative and marketing agency. We work with international and foreign-owned firms to help them succeed online in Japan.

Interactive & Creative Design
We create websites, online stores, and web applications for PC and mobile. Responsive, multilingual, multi-region, large-scale websites: we handle them all, and our work looks great.

Digital Marketing
Lead generation, Increased sales, Engagement, traffic, or brand awareness. Whatever your goals may be, we can help you reach them. Search engine marketing, display advertising, landing page design, social media, email marketing are the tools we use to help grow your business.

Website Localization
Translation? That’s the easy part. We help our clients with all aspects of website localization, from technology to content creation to post-launch marketing and support. Work with us to ensure you get a Japanese website, and not simply a translated copy of your English one.

Analysis & Optimization
Look to us to help you make sense of the numbers and manage an ongoing process of measurement and improvement. A/B testing, data collection, user testing, and detailed reporting are what you can expect when working with Netwise.

And of course, we work in the other direction as well. If you’re a Japanese firm planning to expand abroad you’ll find a willing and capable partner in Netwise.


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