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We have been working since 2013. We develop software, mobile applications, websites, interfaces, launch pay-per-click advertising, consult on Internet marketing. Approach to software. We specialize in Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Software Prototyping. Approach to design. We are familiar with the works of Edward Tafte, Jeff Raskin, Jan Tschichold, Muller-Brockman, Tim Harrover and other authors. We try to apply learned principles in projects. We know how to structure and present complex information more simple. Approach to internet marketing. Our team of internet marketers are certified by Google and Yandex. We will develop effective advertising campaign strategies to attract customers using Google Adwords,Yandex.Direct, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook. Key clients: We work with all kind of businesses: small, medium and large. Our clients are internet shops, retail chains, banks. Our key clients are chain of jewellery shops “Ziko”, retail chain “Bigzz”, “Belveb” bank.


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Minsk, Belarus