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SEO is in our name, and boosting website traffic is our game. We have our main offices in Sydney, Australia. We exist to put our clients visibly on Google. But it is our vision, the founding principle of our company, which drives us in our work. Our daily grind is firmly rooted in this social responsibility. When you contract us to do search engine optimisation work for you, in effect, you are helping to free slaves all over the world, especially young girls sold into sex slavery. With your consent, and after seeing results, of course—at no extra cost to you—we award 10% of your fee to charities supporting our vision. So that, as we help your website get top rankings, you also help us achieve Our Vision. Our clients have found a deep feeling of satisfaction in knowing that their business is helping to make a difference in the lives of many others, millions in fact. So your marketing business may be based in Sydney, for instance, but your impact will be felt in many parts of the world struggling with slavery.


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