What Does a Web Agency Do?

What Does a Web Agency Do?

By Top Design Firms | Posted in Agencies | On August 13, 2018

Web agencies are everywhere these days, and finding the right one can be a challenge — especially if you don’t fully understand what they do. So, let’s start with the basics. What does a web agency do? Read on to learn all you need to know.

Web Agencies Build & Manage Websites

First and foremost, web agencies build and manage websites. From initial design, development, user-testing, and regular maintenance to app integration, content strategy, and daily updates, most web agencies offer many different website-based services. Depending on your preference, needs, and budget, you will want to find a web agency that either offers a la carte pricing for only what you need, or bundled pricing to save money on multiple items packaged together. Many web agencies will offer both options.

Web Agencies Promote Your Brand (Events, Products, & More)

Web agencies offer SEO services, digital ads, remarketing, and many other web-based advertising options. They offer social media setup and maintenance plans to help you grow your reach organically. Many web agencies also provide influencer marketing where they will connect your brand with influential tastemakers online. The influencers will craft custom campaigns uniquely tailored to their followers in exchange for product and/or compensation.

Web Agencies Are Really Creative Agencies

Some web agencies do a lot more than web. It’s quite common for web agencies to take on branding, content creation, videography, product photography, ebook formatting, publishing, logo and graphic design, and other business services. Many locally-based web agencies also provide traditional media services like radio advertising, commercial spots, direct mailing, and billboard advertising.

Web agencies do a plethora of things, and if they don’t provide the service you’re looking for, they are usually very well connected with other b2b solutions. If you have any pain points in your business, consider asking your web agency if they can help; or if they know someone who can.

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