Top Design Firm’s 5 Favorite Web Designs of 2017

We see a lot of great web designs here at Top Design Firms, but these 5 designs go above and beyond. See why we love them below!


Apparently, BonChon has “the absolute best chicken wings in New York,” and they also happen to have a pretty spectacular website as well. Their website brings their food to life with crisp design and mouthwatering images that take over your screen and make you long for some crispy chicken or Korean-inspired dishes. The website was built by Lounge Lizard, a web design agency featured as one of our top design firms.

MOVE Bumpers

MOVE Bumpers offers a weld it yourself alternative to high quality finished bumpers, and their customers are crazy about their products. Hudson Integrated created a website that matched the growing company’s place as a leader in the industry with psychologically compelling social proof and a clean straightforward design and user experience.

Fletcher Knight

This website will move you with high-impact images and animation that adds to the user experience rather than detracting from it. Fletcher Knight is a branding agency that emphasizes the intersection of brand and consumer. Once again, Lounge Lizard doesn’t disappoint with a design that draws users in – just like Fletcher Knight helps brands to do.


Swimtank is a unique approach to swim lessons that empowers kids and teaches them to be safe around water. Maxburst built their website which captures the essence of childhood and fun with bright pictures and plenty of water imagery that moves you through the site.

The NYC Ferry website is bright and colorful, in stark contrast to the subway potential customers are used to. It looks new and crisp, mirroring the newness of the ferry which offers greater amenities and more modern service than alternatives. Ruckus did a great job capturing the brand’s message in this web design.


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