Top Agency Spotlight: Dotlogics

We work with a lot of great creative agencies here at Top Design Firms, and we’ve learned what makes an agency great. Dotlogics definitely makes the grade with their innovative approach to web design, unique online marketing strategies, and comprehensive quality assurance options.

Ground-Up Web Design

Web design and web development are two separate things. A lot of agencies lump them together, but Dotlogics recognizes the importance of working in the right order. They start by figuring out your exact needs. Then, they do plenty of research to make sure they understand your customers, your niche, and any other information needed. Once they feel fully informed, they design a user-oriented interface that will guide your customers through your website seamlessly. Only then do they call in the web development team to start building the perfect site. Best part? They’ll keep you in the loop along the way with weekly emails to show you what’s new!

Online Marketing

Seems like everyone’s an online marketer these days, but Dotlogics customers consistently rank them as one of the best digital agencies for online marketing. They focus on creating a unique campaign that will really resonate with your customers and help you to stand out. Dotlogics has helped brands like McDonalds and Saucony do just that. Let them help you drum up buzz for your website.

Extensive Quality Assurance

This is where Dotlogics truly shines (and it’s what makes them such a great choice in all the other areas as well). Dotlogics knows what makes an app or website work because they are experts in quality assurance and testing. They provide all kinds of testing to make sure your app or website is running correctly. Whether you need big data testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, or just about any type of testing there is, Dotlogics can probably help. Plus, they take everything they learn from performing these tests and use that knowledge when they build websites and apps. No need to worry about compatibility issues when your digital agency is a compatibility expert.

Dotlogics is a great option if you are looking for ground-up web design or just need to take your current digital project to the next level. No matter your size or the stage of your business, they would be happy to help.


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