Top Agency Spotlight: DotcomWeavers

DotcomWeavers knows that great web design is a process, and they have it down to a science. Maybe that’s why they’re a top rated design firm (according to us and according to their 4.9/5.0 star review rating on Google). Read on to learn about the process DotcomWeavers uses to bring your ideal website to life.

Research & Strategy

The DotcomWeavers team knows that research and strategy are critical first steps on the road to success. They spend time getting to know the wants, needs, and expectations of your brand, but that’s not where it ends. DotcomWeavers goes above and beyond, researching to ensure your site stays ahead of competitors. Then, they create a budget and strategy that sets you up as a leader in your space. Once they enter the planning stage, you’ll be assigned a project manager, technical lead, and a designer who will act as your professional team in bringing the project to life — all while keeping scalability and future growth in mind.

Design & Development

After research and strategizing, the process continues with design, where UI and UX experts will craft a site design that makes sense for your brand and your users. Then, they’ll pass it on to the developers who will build website components, integrate third-party apps, and add in customizations. You’ll receive weekly updates throughout the process and be able to watch the website come to life once it has been added to the development server.

Testing/Debugging & Launch

DotcomWeavers employs extensive testing and rigorous debugging; one of the most important things that sets them apart from the competition. They will check for usability, functionality, compatibility, performance, and security — all of which are critical to your website’s success. These aren’t just generic tests; real-world cases are tested in order to ensure that your site is perfectly usable for visitors. After launch, DotcomWeavers will continue to provide support for any issues that may arise. Lastly, they’ll train your team to become independent and learn all the things your new website can do.

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