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We have seen how great people get the ideas of making something from there day to day life. Something same took place here in the daily life of the creator of Quicken. It came into existence in 1982 and when Mr. Scott cook saw his wife frustrated over the payment of the bills by their checkbook. He saw how hard it is for everyone to handle the finances of a household and this is where he thought of fast ways of managing the payments and other household expenses.
So after doing so many researches and having so many consumer opinions Mr. Scott and Mr. Prolux (co-founder of Quicken), they both came up with the idea that how they are going to make it easier for people to manage their payments and finances by using the service Quicken, it works same as the checkbook. Quicken was no.1 selling software product in 1988 it became successful after the few years of launch it was launched in 1984 as Quicken 1.0 for DOS.

After the launch of Quicken, it has helped people and has been the best personal money management software and has solved many financial issues of consumers. The team of Quicken works hard to make the software better day by day and making the consumer experience and Quicken product better.


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