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You’re ready to turn your idea into a product, but have more questions than answers, it might be time give affordable product design a shot. Your main concern is how to protect your intellectual property. You don’t know how to ensure that you can trust the person you choose to work with. You don’t really understand the whole process to turn your idea into a product and develop it. You’re ready to go with the project but aren’t so confident about how to move forward.

You’ve checked into some of the big shops (thinking they might be more experienced). It didn’t take you long though to get the feeling that the subtext of everything was, “money money money”. You just did not end up believing they cared about you or your product design. The whole experience left you cold.

You’re looking for product design and product development services with a personalized, customized, “small shop” feel. Your product idea is your baby and it’s special to you. You want to work with a company that treats your idea like it’s their special baby also.


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